The Ultimate Dining Experience

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Chef Max obtained his culinary art degree from one of the most prestigious Italian culinary institute in the world, Alma in Parma, Italy. During his fine dining experience in Italy, he worked as sous Chef for Two-Starred Michelin Chef Claudio Sadler in Milan. In San Diego, he worked as sous chef at Bice Ristorante with Chef Mario Cassineri and he was responsible for the outside catering events. With several years working in the fine dining and hotel industry and candid passion for cooking, Chef Max is capable of delivering a sensational dining experience.

Details are everything…

At Zafferano we are all about details. Especially when you are planning a wedding, the details are the most important to ensure a memorable experience. We offer full catering wedding service in San Diego. We will be able to assist you with the event production, party rental, decorations and venue search. We will do the best to work with you based on your budget for the event.

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